Airline approved

When you choose a disposable toothbrush with toothpaste, you’re free to board. Even if the TSA size of allowable personal items decreases, having disposable one-time use toothbrushes will keep you compliant. 

Pro Tips: We recommend taking enough for every day’s brushing of your tip, plus at least one extra. You never know when you’ll have an unexpected layover. Make sure at least one is in your carry on bag (also approved) in case your luggage takes a detour.


Prepasted toothbrushes like SmileSaver stow easily in purses, briefcases, and backpacks. All you need is access to a few sips of water if you have an unexpected meeting (or trip). There’s no loose caps and no mess.

You have just the right amount for every brushing. You’ll never have to wonder if that little tube has enough left in it for your trip or run to the store to get another one. Hotels are less frequently providing such convenience items too.

Pro Tip: Pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes slip discreetly in your pocket if you need to excuse yourself from the table at a restaurant. This is especially helpful when traveling when we don’t have access to our vehicles or luggage.

For your health

We all know that regular brushing improves dental health. Did you know dental health is closely linked with your overall health too? Top health experts, including the Mayo Clinic, help illustrate just how integrated your dental and overall health are.

Travel compromises your immune system. Travel fatigue, sick travelers, and other stressors compound the problem. It’s essential to wash your hands and brush frequently while traveling. 

As we’ll see next, prepasted disposable toothbrushes help minimize microorganism exposure. At the same time, traditional extended-use brushes can expose you to extra germs while traveling.

Storage solved

Since travel already compromises your immune system, don’t add microorganisms to the mix. Makeshift containers like tissues, foil, or plastic bags are the worst – but even dedicated toothbrush holders can be problematic.

While the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends allowing your brush to dry before storing it to prevent bacteria build-up, we’d like it to take it a step further. Don’t store it. 

Moist places (which include the travel case or plastic bag you are using) are breeding grounds for microorganisms. Top health journal researchers have studied microbial contamination of extended-use toothbrushes. 

Don’t store it. SmileSaver disposable brushes are 100% recyclable – and that’s good for the environment’s health too.


Quick and Convenient

Smile Saver disposable toothbrush carries a packet of minty toothpaste in the handle of the brush its self. When you’re ready to use, simply push the handle up toward the bristles. The toothpaste will squirt up into the bristles and you’re ready to brush. When finished, toss it into a recycle bin and you’re off!

100% recycable 

You can help keep our EARTH fresh by recycling your SmileSaver Disposable Toothbrushes. After using, rinse your brush and place it in your curb-side recycling bin. You can brush with ease knowing the SmileSaver toothbrush is 100% recyclable.

Our Difference 

SmileSaver is 100% made in the USA and is produced by Grand Traverse Industries in Traverse City, MI, creating jobs for persons with disabilities and keeping manufacturing jobs in America.


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Airline Approved

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